What is God’s Truth for me?

// July 16th, 2011 // Christianity

Seeking the Kingdom of God & His Righteousness is an instruction requiring only one action from us: Look for Him so it may be given to you.

Those in Jesus have un-surpassing peace in their hearts, and know what the future holds; patiently waiting on God. The fear of death past, with the promise of eternal life for those who are in Christ. The grave conquered by the crucifixion & resurrection of our God come to earth, through His son named Jesus, becoming one with man to sanctify His creation.

My God of all – including time – saw what was needed from beginning to end for His beloved: a Holy Sacrifice that would re-unite where the prince of this world, satan defiled His creation.

Seeking Gods truth is in His Word, promises to prosper us, for a future, peace & hope.  Transformation starts to take place, true identities revealed as sons & daughters to the most High. Do you know God has created a link between us & Him to experience the un- comprehendible?  To know the things that is given, freely to us by God, not by our works? Yet, still we are in the dark when it comes to the promises of God for His beloved? (Psalms 118:8)

There is a key to unlocking a relationship with The Creator, is with the Comforter – Gods Spirit. The Spirit of God has also been on earth for over 2000 years, sent after Jesus ascended into Heaven. The Spirit dwells in the midst of those convicted of being Righteous. Jesus said it was actually better he left, so that the Spirit of God could be with us all the time, everywhere. Space-time limited Jesus in this world, as He was partially of flesh. Christ deposited a gift into the spirit of man by breathing on the disciples: Tongues, activated when the Spirit of God descended upon them: This heavenly language untaught or unheard of until the Spirit descends upon you, as it was for the disciples is a direct ‘hot-line’ to Gods throne, unable to be detected by the enemy.

When cleansed by the blood, shed willingly & under Gods instruction by Jesus, your body becomes His temple. Old nature’s do not suite any more the new creation you have become, bad habits are broken instantaneously without withdrawal, cravings gone, as you take on Christ’s resurrected identity & nature.

Faith of things not yet seen or experienced is the first step, where you do have something to lose: condemnation. The judgement for your state falls to the price already paid, Jesus at the cross. His innocent, precious blood was a price paid, a sacrifice for the apple of Gods eye – us, His beloved. Remission of unbelief by confession of a sinful state and receiving the gift of God, Jesus His son, given freely out of His love to unite us with Him yet again, is the ONLY link.

Gods Rath was everyman’s destiny, God saw that He could not be with us (sin cannot be in His presence) if we had to stand as we are now, on our own in God’s presence – our sin would cause our flesh to melt off our bones. Jesus covers us so we can stand in the Holy of Holies to speak to God until we are in the next eternal life. With Jesus blood as a gift to us by God, we can now be anointed by God and be in un-comprehendible, un-experienced, and undeserving love by being deserving enough through His perfect love, not our version of love. The atonement of God is where we are washed white from our red stain sins, in the whole time-span of our life here on earth! How do you be grateful? Receive & Praise the majesty who is truly God of all, and get to know who you are & what He destined for you through His Word.

Please don’t take my word for it, God is a personal discovery, he meets you where you are, on your level, as you are – imperfect, full of flaws!

Father, for those who have read of Your Mercy today, and have not yet experienced you personally or need a fresh touch from you, a revival; I pray where they have no words but desire to..

‘Holy Spirit of God; open the eyes to their hearts so they can see you. In thy own gentle way, speak to them, show them how to seek, be their Gravity & Compass. Protect the ones You love, who You have called out from darkness. Thank-you Father that You are the author and finisher of our faith – Amen’

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  1. Kirsten Hugo says:

    Thank you for being obedient to the Father… the work you have done in my life has not gone in vain.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you my sista! Love you lots!

  3. Great work BB

    Keep it up

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