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To the soccer girlies out there – this one’s for you! We love the game, even though we know the minimal about the rules of engagement. All we do know is how cute Beckham looks in Ck briefs, while wrapped around his posh wife Vicky. So! with that being said, at the next soccer bash, let’s shout out loud with the boys, and know why we are so rowdy. Here’s 16 basic soccer rules to buff up our understanding of this passion sport, that creates intense gaming. I have purposely left out torso shots of the sexy players, because we need to focus, or be doomed to never know what’s going on!

The Football Association (FA), who are formed by most of the London clubs, decided that rules are needed to play competitively. Their Laws of the Game are still in play today, with some few modifications

1. Field of Play

Soccer Field

The surface on which the game of soccer is played on

Line markings & soccer pitch dimensions;

Soccer Pitch          :  90 – 120m long and 45 – 90m wide, and rectangular in shape

Goals                        :  7.32m long and 2.44m high

Centre Circle        :  18.3m in diameter or 11m from to the goal, for a penalty goal

Penalty spot         :  11m perpendicularly on goal

2. The Ball

Soccer Ball

Must have a circumference between 68 and 70cm,  and weigh 410 – 450g

The ball can be made out of leather, or a similar material

3. Number of Players

Soccer Formation

A team can bring in 10 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper on the pitch, with 7 sub’s on the bench

The number of benched subs that are allowed to play in a match with the outfield players, vary with the type of the game played

In official matches, only 3 sub’s are allowed in play, with up to 9 players on the bench

In friendlies, the coach can fit in as many players as he wants on the bench, and also swaps players with a sub, as and when he needs to

4. The Kit

Soccer Shoes

A player must wear a shirt or jersey, footwear, shin pads, shorts and socks

The two teams must have different kit on, so that they can be identified on the pitch

The players number and name appears on the back of his shirt, and his club’s badge on the chest. Club sponsors are advertised everywhere else! (The jersey markings aren’t compulsory, but has become a given)

5. The Ref’s

Soccer Referee

The ref enforces the rules of soccer, in the match he has been appointed to

The Center Ref:  is  helped by 2 assistant ref’s, 1 on each side of the pitch. A 4th ref handles small issues, like showing injury time duration, checking a substitute player’s equipment, as well as replacing 1 of the 3 main ref’s, if they can’t continue the game

Assistant Ref’s: have no decision power, and can only signal a game issue for offside, a foul, handball etc… (It’s up to the central ref to take up the assistant’s advice)

6. The Duration of the Match

Injury Time

There’s 2 halves of 45 minutes each, with a 15 minute break between

This is not the actual time of play, since this 90 minute clock ticks even when the ball is out of play (during substitutions, etc…)

In order to try balance this timing , the end of each half also brings a few minutes of  ‘injury time’

When there is a knock out match, a winner must be decided. 2 extra mini-periods of 15 minutes each are then given, with no break between

If the match is tie again!, then there’s a penalty-shootout that will eventually decide the winner – gripping stuff really!

7. The Start and Restart of Play

Stopper Clock

Starting with a kick-off. The game is also restarted with a kick-off when a goal is scored
If a player kicks the ball out the side lines, the opposing team then gets the opportunity of a throw-in
The goal kick is awarded to the defending team, if the attacking team took the ball out of play on the defending team’s goal line. The game is restarted with the goalkeeper kicking it from within the safety box
A corner kick is awarded if the defending team touches the ball last, and it goes over their own goal line, outside of the goal itself. The kick will be taken from the corner nearest to where the ball went out
An indirect free kick is awarded, when there is dangerous play or offside. The ball has to be played by 2 players, before a shot can be taken for a goal
A direct free kick is caused by a foul or handball, occurring on the field, excluding the the goal box area, and the player can shoot for a goal
A penalty kick is also warded due to a foul or handball, but the offence occurs inside the defending team’s penalty area. The game is restarted with one of the attacking team’s players shooting for goal from the penalty spot, with nothing but a goalkeeper to beat
The dropped ball occurs when the ref stops the game for a special reason, like an injured player. The game is restarted with him dropping the ball from shoulder height in front of 2 players who will fight for possession

8. Ball In and Out of Play

In and Out of Play

The ball is in play throughout the match duration, except when it passes the goal lines or goes outside a field line

When play is stopped by the ref, the ball is out of play, and the players cannot score goals or interact with the ball

Substitution players can only be put in the game, when the ball is out of play

9. Methods of Scoring

Soccer Goal

As long as the ball is in play, players can score goals

A goal is considered when the ball crosses one of the goal areas with its entire circumference


10. Offsides – this is a bit hectic to explain, so here’s David

David Beckham – England

Date of birth: 2 May ’75

Height: 1.82m

Weight: 74kg’s

Position: Midfielder

Current Club: Real Madrid (ESP)

11. Fouls and Misconduct

Yellow Card

If a player purposefully targets his opponent and punches, kicks or pushes him while the ball is in or out of play, this is misconduct

If pushing or kicking was accidental while the ball was in play, this is a foul

The ref can issue a yellow or a red card, in addition to a free kick or penalty kick (depending on the severity of the misconduct or foul)

12. Free Kicks

Free Kick © Photo

Players from the opposing team must be about 9m away from where the free kick will be struck

Also, the player that takes the free kick, can’t touch the ball again, until a teammate or opposing player touches it

13. Penalty Kicks

Penalty Kick © Photo By

If a  foul or handball is committed within the 18 yard line, or penalty box of the opposing team, a penalty kick is issued

But, if a player commits dangerous play inside his own penalty box, the ref will award an indirect free kick from the place that the offence occurred to the opposing team

The only two players in the 18 yard box are the penalty taker and the defending team’s goalkeeper

Everyone else is outside the box, and can only move towards the ball once it is kicked, so if the penalty is saved by the goalkeeper / strikes the bar, the player can run from the edge of the box and gain possession

14. The Throw In

Throw In © Photo By

When the ball goes out of play on the side lines, the opponent of the player who last touched the ball will throw the ball in

The player taking the throw must keep his feet outside the side line, with the sole on the ground and the actual throw must be executed with the ball over the thrower’s head

15. The Goal Kick

Goal Kick © Photo by

After the attacking team moves the ball over the defending team’s byline, the game is restarted

A goal kick is like a free kick, and will count if kicked from anywhere on the field

A goal kick can be re-taken if the ball is not kicked hard enough to count as a goal, and the goalkeeper executes the goal kick, and passes the ball to a teammate in his own penalty box

16. The Corner Kick

Corner Kick

If the ball passes over the defending player’s goal line, with a defender having touched the ball last, a corner kick is taken

The corner kick is taken from the corner of the pitch

If the ball passes the line on the left of the goal, the kick is taken and the ball placed in the left corner arc, visa versa
Opposing players must be about 9m away from the corner, the kicker can’t play the ball a second time until it’s touched by another player

To the girls who actually finnished reading this – well done ;)

To the guys who read this, and learned something about the game  – yay!


Bossy Babe


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