Copywriting tips for beginners – profiling your audience for keeps

// March 9th, 2010 // Copywriting

Firstly, you need to realize that your audience is full of complex persona’s,  and your task will be made easier by profiling. Create a process of questioning, when writing your articles, to engage with all profiles, to attract different types of readers.
Start by profiling yourself into the most dominant of these four profiles below, be honest. Simply put, your identity is what you project onto the world. Profiles are nothing more than preferences, and are valuable to help us understand readers we want to attract. Here are a few guidelines to assist your writing, to the most dominant profile of you.
Methodical types are intellectuals, focusing on HOW-type questions, which need proper answers before you, or your like-minded others, make a decision:
  • What are the details?
  • How does this work?
  • What facts do you have?
Methodical tip: these people will be the last ones reading your article, and may know your website as well as you do!
They’ll also have the most questions about your products and services. Keep them happy by providing them with structured, and reputable data, in easy to read lists.
Humanistic types are the sensitive kind, who can not be fooled, and will find flaws. Focus on WHO-type questions:
  • How will this make me feel?
  • Who else uses this?
  • What are your values?
Humanistic tip: these people are slow-paced and will take the time to make a decision.
They love success stories, that earn their trust. You will have to demonstrate integrity.
They can spot a flaw easily, and not take you seriously after that, so don’t turn them off with hype.
They’re also big gift-buyers, so make your writing personal.
A shared charictoristic with Methodicals, is that they will spend a good deal of time on your site, give them plenty to read with their cup of coffee.
Spontaneous types are fun-loving and live in the moment. You care deeply about how others perceive you. Your identity is important, and should express this by writing why others should engage with you. Focus on WHY- and WHEN-type questions:
  • How can you get me to what I need, quickly?
  • Can I customize this to narrow down my choices?
  • Why will this let me enjoy life more?
Spontaneous tip: they read the bold, skip the body of the article, while scrolling up & down looking for relevance.
To satisfy this curious mind, quickly guide them through your article in the beginning.
Give them plenty of links to click on, grab their interest at first glance, for instant satisfaction.
Competitive types need to be convinced, often asking ‘why should I?’ or ‘what’s in it for me?’ You also benchmark yourself to others. Focus on WHAT-type questions:
  • What are your competitive advantages?
  • What makes you the superior choice?
  • What can you do to help make me look cutting edge?
Competitive tip: get to the point early in your article.
State your value and what you have to offer upfront.
Competitive types want to know what gives them an edge.
Comparative checklists between you and your rivals will help convince them you’re the best.

Think about how you can angle your writing, gather similarities for scenarios that engage each of these profiles, and have fun with it!


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  1. Luke Jackson says:

    i have been into Copywriting lately and this stuff also requires some writing talent-,;

  2. Nice article Tam Have been into copy wrting for a while now and share alot of blogging tips on my blog but i must say i love how you have outlined the various personas we have to take into account. Keep it Up

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