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bossy babe Bio: updated 24-Nov-14

I’m a youngish urban Mom of three beautiful children, Vanessa, Jordan & Logan. Married to my fabulous friend, Nick! I try my best to lead by example. Always passionate and excited about right now & the yet to come.

My blog will hopefully help me re-discover creative writing, but for this post, today I’d like it to be a tool to share a little life light, and hopefully inspire through my new-found life-style!

Plenty of space and peace can be found in Yeshua, in the concrete jungle! Re-charging & re-focusing is my new reality. A bible & a diary really can be a girls best friend! The earth is a beautiful place if you walk in it with Hashem! Light piercing darkness = 100% fail proof! Just want to rest and enjoy working & living life in Him, as it should be.

I’m very passionate in everything I do. If there is an easier or smarter way of doing something, I’ll strongly motivate why others should do things this way for their benefit (hence the name).  I’m a creative thinker and I believe in growing intelligence in myself & sharing what has tasted sweet in adding value to my daily life! Love dreaming, have a fearless heart at times, other times, not so much. But always see it as an opportunity to gain courage & boldness. Learning something new I now realize, it’s not about understanding everything upfront, it’s about believing in something more powerful than our understanding. Untruth corrupts to a state where we can disappear in will, to even go on in this life. He who is in total control of the universe (incl ‘lil me) came to the rescue, and carried me to a place of safety. I’m created fearlessly & wonderfully, just as we all were, will to get to a higher place & He will meet you on your eye level :) The restoration process is quite a thing, but I can start to see the work of My Maker taking shape in my life& around me, its my personal Revolution!

I’m still discovering my true self in Yeshua, with his grace, which I truly don’t deserve.. The journey to live the destiny that has been written already for me has begun when I ran into His arms. hello? how awesome is this!!!

I love laughing and treasure the good times, living in the moment. I cry & hurt for those afflicted & pray them to the feet of Yeshua’s cross. One of my first favorite song lines in my journey to the cross was ‘forever starts now, what are you waiting for.’ by Pillar. My brother gave me their song on my phone, really helped me where I was angry & hurt! Those days are long behind me, so awesome to reflect & see that life can be restored to those who love Yahweh!

I love being straight forward and truthful with myself and others, surrendering to God any worry or problem for Him to help fix.

I was born again & baptized at the age of 9, and I have re-dedicated myself 3 times there after as well in my adult life so far, its allowed lol!

One evening I feel this important to remember & share – when I was 29 I was freed from spiritual bondage (25-Aug’10)
My spirit eyes saw my heart & body strangled with black whips pulled off by Yeshua Himself (I knew it was Him, He didn’t have to announce Himself, my heart just knew) who appeared like he stepped through the invisible & became visible to only me. He pulled these whip like things off with a serious & focused expression on his face, removing each whip in one firm grab & tug! Just as I gently said ‘I forgive’ this all transpired. I didn’t even finish my word forgive & images showed those who hurt me in the past. My friends prayed with me to forgive those who wronged me, it pressed upon Bryan to do so before I left for home, it was a spur of the moment type of prayer, just as we finished up our bible study for the night. Curses strangled my heart & spiritually, thats why I felt like I was literally floating, I remember looking down at my feet after, to see if I was still experiencing the law of gravity, as I felt so light! Stunned didn’t know whether to cry or jump! I just was so shocked at what I had seen in the spirit! It wasn’t scary, just shocking that spiritually I was in bondage & needed rescuing, I was oblivious! – how long was I like that? I know how weird it must sound! You had to be me in that moment! Prayer is awesome & so we should!

I hope everyone finds freedom in this life & eternally – how cool would that be – not one lost or hurting. I know we are all catered for, we just need to pursue to know Yahweh directly!

Keep on blogging & chatting to the Living God too you guys! He’s cool that way!


Bossy Babe

3 Responses to “bossy babe : The Intro”

  1. Gerhard says:

    Welcome to the South African blogsphere. Any hints on what topics you will be focusing on? Im always glad to see new people entering the local blogging arena.

  2. Tam says:

    Thnx Gerhard!

    Starting on Lifestyle; working with ‘value add facts’ as well as my take on the topic. Will browse for what’s hot, and hopefully get some of my articles in there too!

    Keep an eye out for my growing categories, and watch this space :)

  3. bev says:

    Hi Tam,

    You look so cute with the lion cub. Hope that your blogging page does well. All the very best to you and Nick with your new venture.

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