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What is God’s Truth for me?

// July 16th, 2011 // 3 Comments » // Christianity

Seeking the Kingdom of God & His Righteousness is an instruction requiring only one action from us: Look for Him so it may be given to you.

Those in Jesus have un-surpassing peace in their hearts, and know what the future holds; patiently waiting on God. The fear of death past, with the promise of eternal life for those who are in Christ. The grave conquered by the crucifixion & resurrection of our God come to earth, through His son named Jesus, becoming one with man to sanctify His creation.

My God of all – including time – saw what was needed from beginning to end for His beloved: a Holy Sacrifice that would re-unite where the prince of this world, satan defiled His creation.

Seeking Gods truth is in His Word, promises to prosper us, for a future, peace & hope.  Transformation starts to take place, true identities revealed as sons & daughters to the most High. Do you know God has created a link between us & Him to experience the un- comprehendible?  To know the things that is given, freely to us by God, not by our works? Yet, still we are in the dark when it comes to the promises of God for His beloved? (Psalms 118:8)

There is a key to unlocking a relationship with The Creator, is with the Comforter – Gods Spirit. The Spirit of God has also been on earth for over 2000 years, sent after Jesus ascended into Heaven. The Spirit dwells in the midst of those convicted of being Righteous. Jesus said it was actually better he left, so that the Spirit of God could be with us all the time, everywhere. Space-time limited Jesus in this world, as He was partially of flesh. Christ deposited a gift into the spirit of man by breathing on the disciples: Tongues, activated when the Spirit of God descended upon them: This heavenly language untaught or unheard of until the Spirit descends upon you, as it was for the disciples is a direct ‘hot-line’ to Gods throne, unable to be detected by the enemy.

When cleansed by the blood, shed willingly & under Gods instruction by Jesus, your body becomes His temple. Old nature’s do not suite any more the new creation you have become, bad habits are broken instantaneously without withdrawal, cravings gone, as you take on Christ’s resurrected identity & nature.

Faith of things not yet seen or experienced is the first step, where you do have something to lose: condemnation. The judgement for your state falls to the price already paid, Jesus at the cross. His innocent, precious blood was a price paid, a sacrifice for the apple of Gods eye – us, His beloved. Remission of unbelief by confession of a sinful state and receiving the gift of God, Jesus His son, given freely out of His love to unite us with Him yet again, is the ONLY link.

Gods Rath was everyman’s destiny, God saw that He could not be with us (sin cannot be in His presence) if we had to stand as we are now, on our own in God’s presence – our sin would cause our flesh to melt off our bones. Jesus covers us so we can stand in the Holy of Holies to speak to God until we are in the next eternal life. With Jesus blood as a gift to us by God, we can now be anointed by God and be in un-comprehendible, un-experienced, and undeserving love by being deserving enough through His perfect love, not our version of love. The atonement of God is where we are washed white from our red stain sins, in the whole time-span of our life here on earth! How do you be grateful? Receive & Praise the majesty who is truly God of all, and get to know who you are & what He destined for you through His Word.

Please don’t take my word for it, God is a personal discovery, he meets you where you are, on your level, as you are – imperfect, full of flaws!

Father, for those who have read of Your Mercy today, and have not yet experienced you personally or need a fresh touch from you, a revival; I pray where they have no words but desire to..

‘Holy Spirit of God; open the eyes to their hearts so they can see you. In thy own gentle way, speak to them, show them how to seek, be their Gravity & Compass. Protect the ones You love, who You have called out from darkness. Thank-you Father that You are the author and finisher of our faith – Amen’

Copywriting tips for beginners – profiling your audience for keeps

// March 9th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Copywriting

Firstly, you need to realize that your audience is full of complex persona’s,  and your task will be made easier by profiling. Create a process of questioning, when writing your articles, to engage with all profiles, to attract different types of readers.
Start by profiling yourself into the most dominant of these four profiles below, be honest. Simply put, your identity is what you project onto the world. Profiles are nothing more than preferences, and are valuable to help us understand readers we want to attract. Here are a few guidelines to assist your writing, to the most dominant profile of you.
Methodical types are intellectuals, focusing on HOW-type questions, which need proper answers before you, or your like-minded others, make a decision:
  • What are the details?
  • How does this work?
  • What facts do you have?
Methodical tip: these people will be the last ones reading your article, and may know your website as well as you do!
They’ll also have the most questions about your products and services. Keep them happy by providing them with structured, and reputable data, in easy to read lists.
Humanistic types are the sensitive kind, who can not be fooled, and will find flaws. Focus on WHO-type questions:
  • How will this make me feel?
  • Who else uses this?
  • What are your values?
Humanistic tip: these people are slow-paced and will take the time to make a decision.
They love success stories, that earn their trust. You will have to demonstrate integrity.
They can spot a flaw easily, and not take you seriously after that, so don’t turn them off with hype.
They’re also big gift-buyers, so make your writing personal.
A shared charictoristic with Methodicals, is that they will spend a good deal of time on your site, give them plenty to read with their cup of coffee.
Spontaneous types are fun-loving and live in the moment. You care deeply about how others perceive you. Your identity is important, and should express this by writing why others should engage with you. Focus on WHY- and WHEN-type questions:
  • How can you get me to what I need, quickly?
  • Can I customize this to narrow down my choices?
  • Why will this let me enjoy life more?
Spontaneous tip: they read the bold, skip the body of the article, while scrolling up & down looking for relevance.
To satisfy this curious mind, quickly guide them through your article in the beginning.
Give them plenty of links to click on, grab their interest at first glance, for instant satisfaction.
Competitive types need to be convinced, often asking ‘why should I?’ or ‘what’s in it for me?’ You also benchmark yourself to others. Focus on WHAT-type questions:
  • What are your competitive advantages?
  • What makes you the superior choice?
  • What can you do to help make me look cutting edge?
Competitive tip: get to the point early in your article.
State your value and what you have to offer upfront.
Competitive types want to know what gives them an edge.
Comparative checklists between you and your rivals will help convince them you’re the best.

Think about how you can angle your writing, gather similarities for scenarios that engage each of these profiles, and have fun with it!


Bossy Babe

Soccer for us girlies

// February 18th, 2010 // No Comments » // For Girls

To the soccer girlies out there – this one’s for you! We love the game, even though we know the minimal about the rules of engagement. All we do know is how cute Beckham looks in Ck briefs, while wrapped around his posh wife Vicky. So! with that being said, at the next soccer bash, let’s shout out loud with the boys, and know why we are so rowdy. Here’s 16 basic soccer rules to buff up our understanding of this passion sport, that creates intense gaming. I have purposely left out torso shots of the sexy players, because we need to focus, or be doomed to never know what’s going on!

The Football Association (FA), who are formed by most of the London clubs, decided that rules are needed to play competitively. Their Laws of the Game are still in play today, with some few modifications

1. Field of Play

Soccer Field

The surface on which the game of soccer is played on

Line markings & soccer pitch dimensions;

Soccer Pitch          :  90 – 120m long and 45 – 90m wide, and rectangular in shape

Goals                        :  7.32m long and 2.44m high

Centre Circle        :  18.3m in diameter or 11m from to the goal, for a penalty goal

Penalty spot         :  11m perpendicularly on goal

2. The Ball

Soccer Ball

Must have a circumference between 68 and 70cm,  and weigh 410 – 450g

The ball can be made out of leather, or a similar material

3. Number of Players

Soccer Formation

A team can bring in 10 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper on the pitch, with 7 sub’s on the bench

The number of benched subs that are allowed to play in a match with the outfield players, vary with the type of the game played

In official matches, only 3 sub’s are allowed in play, with up to 9 players on the bench

In friendlies, the coach can fit in as many players as he wants on the bench, and also swaps players with a sub, as and when he needs to

4. The Kit

Soccer Shoes

A player must wear a shirt or jersey, footwear, shin pads, shorts and socks

The two teams must have different kit on, so that they can be identified on the pitch

The players number and name appears on the back of his shirt, and his club’s badge on the chest. Club sponsors are advertised everywhere else! (The jersey markings aren’t compulsory, but has become a given)

5. The Ref’s

Soccer Referee

The ref enforces the rules of soccer, in the match he has been appointed to

The Center Ref:  is  helped by 2 assistant ref’s, 1 on each side of the pitch. A 4th ref handles small issues, like showing injury time duration, checking a substitute player’s equipment, as well as replacing 1 of the 3 main ref’s, if they can’t continue the game

Assistant Ref’s: have no decision power, and can only signal a game issue for offside, a foul, handball etc… (It’s up to the central ref to take up the assistant’s advice)

6. The Duration of the Match

Injury Time

There’s 2 halves of 45 minutes each, with a 15 minute break between

This is not the actual time of play, since this 90 minute clock ticks even when the ball is out of play (during substitutions, etc…)

In order to try balance this timing , the end of each half also brings a few minutes of  ‘injury time’

When there is a knock out match, a winner must be decided. 2 extra mini-periods of 15 minutes each are then given, with no break between

If the match is tie again!, then there’s a penalty-shootout that will eventually decide the winner – gripping stuff really!

7. The Start and Restart of Play

Stopper Clock

Starting with a kick-off. The game is also restarted with a kick-off when a goal is scored
If a player kicks the ball out the side lines, the opposing team then gets the opportunity of a throw-in
The goal kick is awarded to the defending team, if the attacking team took the ball out of play on the defending team’s goal line. The game is restarted with the goalkeeper kicking it from within the safety box
A corner kick is awarded if the defending team touches the ball last, and it goes over their own goal line, outside of the goal itself. The kick will be taken from the corner nearest to where the ball went out
An indirect free kick is awarded, when there is dangerous play or offside. The ball has to be played by 2 players, before a shot can be taken for a goal
A direct free kick is caused by a foul or handball, occurring on the field, excluding the the goal box area, and the player can shoot for a goal
A penalty kick is also warded due to a foul or handball, but the offence occurs inside the defending team’s penalty area. The game is restarted with one of the attacking team’s players shooting for goal from the penalty spot, with nothing but a goalkeeper to beat
The dropped ball occurs when the ref stops the game for a special reason, like an injured player. The game is restarted with him dropping the ball from shoulder height in front of 2 players who will fight for possession

8. Ball In and Out of Play

In and Out of Play

The ball is in play throughout the match duration, except when it passes the goal lines or goes outside a field line

When play is stopped by the ref, the ball is out of play, and the players cannot score goals or interact with the ball

Substitution players can only be put in the game, when the ball is out of play

9. Methods of Scoring

Soccer Goal

As long as the ball is in play, players can score goals

A goal is considered when the ball crosses one of the goal areas with its entire circumference


10. Offsides – this is a bit hectic to explain, so here’s David

David Beckham – England

Date of birth: 2 May ’75

Height: 1.82m

Weight: 74kg’s

Position: Midfielder

Current Club: Real Madrid (ESP)

11. Fouls and Misconduct

Yellow Card

If a player purposefully targets his opponent and punches, kicks or pushes him while the ball is in or out of play, this is misconduct

If pushing or kicking was accidental while the ball was in play, this is a foul

The ref can issue a yellow or a red card, in addition to a free kick or penalty kick (depending on the severity of the misconduct or foul)

12. Free Kicks

Free Kick © Photo

Players from the opposing team must be about 9m away from where the free kick will be struck

Also, the player that takes the free kick, can’t touch the ball again, until a teammate or opposing player touches it

13. Penalty Kicks

Penalty Kick © Photo By

If a  foul or handball is committed within the 18 yard line, or penalty box of the opposing team, a penalty kick is issued

But, if a player commits dangerous play inside his own penalty box, the ref will award an indirect free kick from the place that the offence occurred to the opposing team

The only two players in the 18 yard box are the penalty taker and the defending team’s goalkeeper

Everyone else is outside the box, and can only move towards the ball once it is kicked, so if the penalty is saved by the goalkeeper / strikes the bar, the player can run from the edge of the box and gain possession

14. The Throw In

Throw In © Photo By

When the ball goes out of play on the side lines, the opponent of the player who last touched the ball will throw the ball in

The player taking the throw must keep his feet outside the side line, with the sole on the ground and the actual throw must be executed with the ball over the thrower’s head

15. The Goal Kick

Goal Kick © Photo by

After the attacking team moves the ball over the defending team’s byline, the game is restarted

A goal kick is like a free kick, and will count if kicked from anywhere on the field

A goal kick can be re-taken if the ball is not kicked hard enough to count as a goal, and the goalkeeper executes the goal kick, and passes the ball to a teammate in his own penalty box

16. The Corner Kick

Corner Kick

If the ball passes over the defending player’s goal line, with a defender having touched the ball last, a corner kick is taken

The corner kick is taken from the corner of the pitch

If the ball passes the line on the left of the goal, the kick is taken and the ball placed in the left corner arc, visa versa
Opposing players must be about 9m away from the corner, the kicker can’t play the ball a second time until it’s touched by another player

To the girls who actually finnished reading this – well done ;)

To the guys who read this, and learned something about the game  – yay!


Bossy Babe


Getting started with your Twitter background

// February 16th, 2010 // 5 Comments » // Social Media, Twitter

Does your Twitter background speak to you? This visual conversation is easy to start, if you know how. Twitter is a social media platform whereby you can communicate and network with people that you find interesting and visa versa. In order to capture the attention of your would-be followers,  an eye catching twitter background is the first step.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Photoshop, like myself, here are some easy to use sites that I found, that helped me get started with a nice Twitter background. I found these sites to have great variety, and are super easy to use.

These sites are so easy to use, I managed to get a Twitter background that I liked in under a minute. All that needs to be done is the following:

  1. Browse for the background of your choice.
  2. Insert your Twitter username and password.
  3. Click the button and you’re done!

The website automatically changes your Twitter background by using your log in information to sign in with your account and change everything for you. All these websites state that they do NOT save your username and password so security is not compromised!

Click the images below to go to visit these wonderful websites. Happy picking!


bossy babe

bossy babe : The Intro

// February 9th, 2010 // 3 Comments » // Random

bossy babe Bio: updated 24-Nov-14

I’m a youngish urban Mom of three beautiful children, Vanessa, Jordan & Logan. Married to my fabulous friend, Nick! I try my best to lead by example. Always passionate and excited about right now & the yet to come.

My blog will hopefully help me re-discover creative writing, but for this post, today I’d like it to be a tool to share a little life light, and hopefully inspire through my new-found life-style!

Plenty of space and peace can be found in Yeshua, in the concrete jungle! Re-charging & re-focusing is my new reality. A bible & a diary really can be a girls best friend! The earth is a beautiful place if you walk in it with Hashem! Light piercing darkness = 100% fail proof! Just want to rest and enjoy working & living life in Him, as it should be.

I’m very passionate in everything I do. If there is an easier or smarter way of doing something, I’ll strongly motivate why others should do things this way for their benefit (hence the name).  I’m a creative thinker and I believe in growing intelligence in myself & sharing what has tasted sweet in adding value to my daily life! Love dreaming, have a fearless heart at times, other times, not so much. But always see it as an opportunity to gain courage & boldness. Learning something new I now realize, it’s not about understanding everything upfront, it’s about believing in something more powerful than our understanding. Untruth corrupts to a state where we can disappear in will, to even go on in this life. He who is in total control of the universe (incl ‘lil me) came to the rescue, and carried me to a place of safety. I’m created fearlessly & wonderfully, just as we all were, will to get to a higher place & He will meet you on your eye level :) The restoration process is quite a thing, but I can start to see the work of My Maker taking shape in my life& around me, its my personal Revolution!

I’m still discovering my true self in Yeshua, with his grace, which I truly don’t deserve.. The journey to live the destiny that has been written already for me has begun when I ran into His arms. hello? how awesome is this!!!

I love laughing and treasure the good times, living in the moment. I cry & hurt for those afflicted & pray them to the feet of Yeshua’s cross. One of my first favorite song lines in my journey to the cross was ‘forever starts now, what are you waiting for.’ by Pillar. My brother gave me their song on my phone, really helped me where I was angry & hurt! Those days are long behind me, so awesome to reflect & see that life can be restored to those who love Yahweh!

I love being straight forward and truthful with myself and others, surrendering to God any worry or problem for Him to help fix.

I was born again & baptized at the age of 9, and I have re-dedicated myself 3 times there after as well in my adult life so far, its allowed lol!

One evening I feel this important to remember & share – when I was 29 I was freed from spiritual bondage (25-Aug’10)
My spirit eyes saw my heart & body strangled with black whips pulled off by Yeshua Himself (I knew it was Him, He didn’t have to announce Himself, my heart just knew) who appeared like he stepped through the invisible & became visible to only me. He pulled these whip like things off with a serious & focused expression on his face, removing each whip in one firm grab & tug! Just as I gently said ‘I forgive’ this all transpired. I didn’t even finish my word forgive & images showed those who hurt me in the past. My friends prayed with me to forgive those who wronged me, it pressed upon Bryan to do so before I left for home, it was a spur of the moment type of prayer, just as we finished up our bible study for the night. Curses strangled my heart & spiritually, thats why I felt like I was literally floating, I remember looking down at my feet after, to see if I was still experiencing the law of gravity, as I felt so light! Stunned didn’t know whether to cry or jump! I just was so shocked at what I had seen in the spirit! It wasn’t scary, just shocking that spiritually I was in bondage & needed rescuing, I was oblivious! – how long was I like that? I know how weird it must sound! You had to be me in that moment! Prayer is awesome & so we should!

I hope everyone finds freedom in this life & eternally – how cool would that be – not one lost or hurting. I know we are all catered for, we just need to pursue to know Yahweh directly!

Keep on blogging & chatting to the Living God too you guys! He’s cool that way!


Bossy Babe

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